Palate was born from the notion that not everybody enjoys, or should enjoy, the same things. Palate tastings are always inclusive and focus on the practice of honoring ourselves and our own unique tastes.

Palate’s owner, Amy Haas has been a wine professional and educator in New Mexico for over 20 years. Having worked in the hospitality and beverage industry designing wine lists and providing education to guests and staff alike, Amy’s approach to teaching is unique and relatable.

Amy has curated wine lists in many of Albuquerque’s top restaurants including Farm & Table and M’Tucci’s Twenty Five, to name a few. 

palate offers a range of experiences:

Private in-home guided tastings and education courses

Collaboration events with other in-home based businesses

Restaurant consulting for new and existing wine programs

Restaurant staff wine education and sales techniques

We look forward to serving you!

*Our website is still in the design stage, but will soon be able to accommodate an easy and interactive process to book events. Until then, please contact us here:

Amy Haas

The best way to learn about
wine is in the drinking

– Alexis Lichine