My only regret in life is that
I did not drink more wine

Ernest Hemingway

Palate offers a range of experiences

In-home experience

Palate offers guided wine tastings in the privacy of your home. Invite your close friends and enjoy an evening that centers around wine and friendship.

We offer several carefully curated courses for you to choose from. We like to keep it small and intimate for these education courses, but if you’re looking for a larger, more casual event, we are happy to cater to your specific needs.


Already hosting an event? Palate loves collaborations! Let us enhance the evening with a guided wine tasting to compliment your event.

Want to host an event that pairs wine with food? Palate will collaborate with local chefs to create the perfect pairings for anything from casual appetizers all the way up to coursed out meals.

Restaurant Consulting

Palate offers restaurant consulting services. We cater to your style, your ethics and your price point. From wine list design all the way to staff and guest education, Palate’s approach to learning takes away the pretension and intimidation that wine often carries.

Are you a chef that wants to elevate your palate? Wine tasting is the answer. We provide education for chefs and kitchen staff.

Having trouble moving wine in your establishment? Palate will educate your FOH staff and get them excited about wine and confident about recommending it to your guests.

Do you have an expansive wine list that only a few people have knowledge about? Our approach to learning simplifies the process by focusing on some key knowledge points that make recommending bottles on your list a breeze.

palate was born from the notion that not everybody enjoys, or should enjoy, the same things. palate tastings are always inclusive and focus on the practice of honoring ourselves and our own unique tastes.

palate’s owner, amy haas has been a wine professional and educator in new mexico for over 20 years. having worked in the hospitality and beverage industry designing wine lists and providing education to guests and staff alike, amy’s approach to teaching is unique and relatable.

amy has curated wine lists in many of albuquerque’s top restaurants including farm & table and m’tucci’s twenty five, to name a few. 

What better way to facilitate this process than through a glass of wine?